We would like to invite young scientists to participate in the

XII Copernican International Young Scientists Conference (Formerly, Kopernikańskie Seminarium Doktoranckie - KSD).

CIYSCon is offering young scientists opportunity to present the results of their research and find scientific connection among young scholars from international community.

The conference is scheduled from 28th to 29th June 2018 at the Faculty of Chemistry, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Nicolaus Copernicus (born in Toruń - 1473) – was the most famous Polish astronomer and economist. The conference will continue the ideas of Copernicus of the Renaissance era to study and connect different areas of sciences.

Scientific areas of the conference are focused on: chemistry, physics, biology, medical sciences, chemical technology and nanotechnology.

Participants will have opportunity to present oral presentations or posters.

Organizing Committee









Official languages of the conference are English and Polish.


§§§   The abstract and posters must be in English   §§§

§§§   Presentation can be presented in English or Polish   §§§


Application forms. Please use appropriate application form (check REGISTRATION AND FEES if needed)











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Early registration and payment until 28th February 2018

Two-day conference fee – 300 PLN
One-day conference fee – 200 PLN

28th February,

Late Registration and payment until 16th April

Two-day conference fee – 350 PLN
One-day conference fee – 200 PLN

16th April,

Abstracts submission deadline

16th April,

Start of the CIYSCon

28th June,

End of the CIYSCon

29th June,





The participants will have the opportunity to put forward the results of their research in a form of oral presentation or poster in discipline dedicated panels:


  1. Environmental science (28-29.06.2018)
  2. Molecular biology & medical science (28-29.06.2018)
  3. Analytical chemistry (28-29.06.2018)
  4. Chemical technology & organic chemistry (28-29.06.2018)
  5. Inorganic & coordination chemistry (28-29.06.2018)
  6. Thermodynamics, simulations, quantum mechanics & optoelectronics (28.06.2018)

Applications should be made using registration form (check NEWS).
Moreover, only a fully and correctly completed form is the basis of the application for participation.

The conference fee includes:
- conference papers (copy of abstract book),
- meals: lunch, dinner,
- coffee breaks,
- participation in the accompanying evening events (BBQ party
28.06.2018, guided tour 28.06.2018).


The cost of two-day participation for the participant – 300 PLN/350 PLN (after 16th April 2018)
The cost of
one-day participation for the participant – 200 PLN/200 PLN

The cost of two-day participation for the accompanying person – 300 PLN.
The cost of
one-day participation for the accompanying person – 200 PLN.
Fees are not refundable.


IN ABSENTIA participation 20 for foreign participants or 100 PLN for polish participants.



Bank transfer details

Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika


Bank Millenium S.A. Warszawa

45 1160 2202 0000 0000 3174 8579

With a note: CIYSCon, name of contestant

In addition, for abroad payments please specify:


IBAN: PL45 1160 2202 0000 0000 3174 8579


Participants from NCU please contact us before payment





The conference participant can present two posters or poster and one oral presentation.

Please name the file with the abstract in the following way: Surname_name_form_of_the_presentation.doc/docx.

In the case of presenting two abstracts by one participant, the form of performance (oral presentation, poster) must be indicated in the file name. The abstracts should be send on the following address: ciyscon@umk.pl.

Abstracts will be published in the abstract book. Abstracts which are incorrectly formatted will be sent back for corrections. Please obey the guidelines included in the abstract template (Abstract template will be available soon).

For each oral presentation 10 minutes is reserved.

The required size of the poster is B1 (707 x 1000 mm).

Best presentations will be awarded. All awards will be granted during the closing ceremony.

There is a possibility to publish articles in the Copernican Letters journal, which is placed on the Platform of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. www.apcz.pl/czasopisma




Conference program will be available in May 2018.


Local Organizing Committee: 
Prof. DSc E. Szłyk – Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry
Prof. DSc H. Kaczmarek
DSc I. Łakomska, prof. NCU
DSc J. Ścianowski, prof. NCU
DSc U. Kiełkowska
PhD A. Filipiak-Szok
MSc J. Gromowska
MSc S. Kowalska
MSc M. Plaskacz-Dziuba


Scientific Committee:
Prof. DSc E. Szłyk – Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, NCU
Prof. DSc H. Kaczmarek
Prof. DSc S. Koter
DSc P. Gauden, prof. NCU
DSc I. Łakomska, prof. NCU
DSc J. Ścianowski, prof. NCU
DSc A. Katafias
DSc U. Kiełkowska
DSc M. Krzemiński
DSc A. Nowaczyk
DSc J. Nowaczyk
DSc K. Roszek
DSc I. Szymańska
PhD A. Bajek
PhD M. Cichosz
PhD J. Czarnecka
PhD A. Jastrzębska
PhD M. Kurzawa
PhD T.Muzioł
PhD P. Płóciennik
PhD. A. Zawadzka
PhD J. Skopińska-Wiśniewska
PhD A.Wolan
PhD M. Ziegler-Borowska


    XI CIYSCon
























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